Target 5 Days

What was Target 5 Days (T5)?

The objective of Target 5 Days was to undertake a range of process reform activities for residential development applications in South East Queensland (SEQ). This included implementation of a 5-day assessment period for low risk complying residential development applications.

What were the benefits of T5?

The process reform activities benefited the industry and the general public through the provision of faster development assessment processing times and, ultimately, improved house affordability.

The T5 project delivered a range of process reforms which saw councils in South-East Queensland deliver reduced assessment timeframes.

Through the T5 process, applications aimed to be ‘well made’ and supported with all the necessary information required to enable councils to assess applications quickly.

By reducing the time taken by councils to assess applications, holding costs will be reduced and, in turn, savings will be passed on to the home buyer.

What did T5 deliver?

T5 aimed to deliver reduced assessment timeframe for 95% of residential development applications. It also sort to establish a 75% reduction in approval timeframes for residential developments (with a 5-day turn around for low-risk and complying applications).

The project was rolled out progressively until in 2009 to 2010, and achieved its objectives through the following business components:


  • da_filesExpansion of RiskSmart
  • Complexity Matrix
  • Compliance Assessment Roll Out
  • Standard Conditions Packaging
  • Tailored DA Information
  • Operational Reform Actitities


The Housing Affordability Programme will be working collaboratively with each South-East Queensland council to discuss a suitable timeframe for engagement and implementation.

Who participated in the T5 project?

South East Queensland councils, the Queensland Government’s Department of Infrastructure and Planning and representatives from peak industry bodies.

Who will benefit from the T5 project?

Participating councils will experience a wide range of benefits from these reform activities. These include a reduction in assessment timeframes for 95% of residential development applications, and a 75% reduction in approval timeframes for residential developments by offering a five day turnaround for low risk compliant applications.

The general public and, in particular, homebuyers will also benefit from a savings in holding costs achieved by developers, as a result of reduce approval timeframes.