ePlanning Strategy & Implementation

What is ePlanning?

The National eDA Steering Committee has defined ePlanning as:

 Electronic Planning (ePlanning) encompasses business process models, methodologies, specifications, systems, services and technologies that support the planning industry in Australia in delivering efficiencies to its stakeholders.

Any electronic planning services developed must operate within a planning and development framework and regulatory system. Previous focus on technology services has been aimed at the electronic development assessment (eDA) area, which refers to the electronic processing of planning and development applications.

PlanDev’s Experience

PlanDev has been in the unique position over the past few years to be involved in a number of emerging ePlanning projects and initiatives to provide us with a real advantage to your business.  The PlanDev team have been involved in everything from the development of individual ePlanning solutions for local councils, to large scale implementations and integration of ePlanning services in groups of high growth councils.

Additionally, we have just completed the development of a National ePlanning Strategy on behalf the National eDA Steering Committee, which outlines a vision and roadmap for the future of electronic services for planning and development in Australia.

How can PlanDev help?

PlanDev Business Solutions has expertise in developing ePlanning and eGovernment strategies and operational plans in all levels of government. We can assist you in a number of areas to fast track your ePlanning development activities. No matter is too big or too small for our experienced ePlanning team.

The types of services we can offer includes:


  • Undertaking a health check and ePlanning services review for your organisation
  • Establishing new ePlanning Governance Model within your jurisdictional or government agency
  • Developing an ePlanning Enterprise Architecture for your services
  • Developing ePlanning Business Plans and Business Cases
  • Rolling out, expanding and embedding of existing and essential ePlanning capabilities
  • Engaging with your stakeholder and developing coherent communications to sell the benefits


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