Why Choose PlanDev?

ulda1aPlanDev Business Solutions is a specialist company of business process, information and project management specialists who have extensive experience delivering collaborative, multi-agency process reform activities for government.

PlanDev is an abbreviation for Planning and Development Business Solutions.

Planning and development encompasses all business process models, methodologies, specifications, systems, services and technologies that support the economic growth and better place-making.

What We Do…

We help develop strategies, undertake reviews and manage projects to ensure greater efficiency and best value is achieved. We’re passionate about helping to build strong planning and development functions within your government organisation.  The PlanDev team have been working together for a number of years on projects and as such provide a diverse and cohesive team able to deliver strong outcomes for our clients.

Why Choose PlanDev?

PlanDev is an independent consulting organisation that works solely with Local, State and Federal Government agencies. We are ready and willing to help with any of your planning and development needs.

Our Experience

The PlanDev team is an Australian-based company with experience on projects across Queensland, Australia and Internationally.  We have been responsible for the successful implementation of process reform initiatives across Australia.

Recent experiences for their team members has included developing a National ePlanning Strategy that outlines how technology should support the land use planning process in every jurisdiction across the country, implementing unique planning and development online solutions in over 18 municipalities, creation of a fast-track process to speed up simple development applications to under 5 days called RiskSmart, and directing land use planning policy decisions and geospatial systems in the wake of the recent devastating floods that affected the entire state of Queensland, Australia in January 2011 and 2013.