Business Impact Analysis

What is the Challenge?

With the pace at which the development industry moves and the extensive workload commitments at all levels of government it is often difficult to step back and observe the day to day business challenges we face. Even if future business needs and requirements are identified by an organisation, there is quite often a shortage of time and resources available to manage and complete these necessary and crucial  improvement projects.

business impact analysis will generally involve the mapping of current business process, including:

  • Lodgement process for development applications
  • IT system input and scanning processes
  • The allocation and assessment of development applications
  • Finalisation and administration of development applications

PlanDev’s Experience

PlanDev can provide a detailed analysis of existing business and administrative processes within development assessment and planning areas and recommendations for streamlining these procedures. This analysis works particularly well in coordination with the development of RiskSmart and its associated impact on administrative procedures.

PlanDev staff has extensive experience in reviewing administrative procedures within Local and State government and have demonstrated ability in identifying simple and innovative strategies to make the business work more efficiently. With a focus on cultural change and communication impacts, PlanDev can ensure that any recommendations will provide positive outcomes with minimal impact on staff.

The benefits that are realised by undertaking a business impact analysis with PlanDev include:

  • educe DA time ‘in transit’ from the lodgement to assessment
  • Reducing staff workload for simple tasks
  • Alignment of administrative processes with RiskSmart, where RiskSmart is present


How can PlanDev help?

PlanDev Business Solutions team members have been involved in a large number of local and regional business impact analysis and improvement programs within the development assessment and planning functions of government. The types of services we can offer includes:

  • A review of current development assessment performance through detailed file surveys
  • Detailed analysis of existing business and administrative processes
  • Identification and implementation of simple, focused initiatives to streamline business processes
  • Provide communication and cultural change strategies to ensure low-impact implementation


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