ePlanning Services in Toowoomba

ePlanning Services in Toowoomba

Early in 2013, PlanDev Business Solutions were engaged by Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) to develop a Council-based ePlanning Strategy focused on enhancing the access to information across Council and to support easier participation in planning and development processes.

PlanDev Business Solutions worked closely with key stakeholders from across TRC to develop two (2) documents, being the TRC ePlanning Project – Vision and Current State Review along with the TRC ePlanning Project – Gap Analysis and Roadmap.  These two (2) documents form part of the Technical Specification document for this Project.

We have now been engaged to deliver project management services for TRC to assist in implementing the Action Plan and Next Steps components of their ePlanning Project’s Gap Analysis and Roadmap document which provides an extensive level of detail on the Project’s scope. This will include developing a project management plan, a supporting business case and assistance in the ongoing delivery of the program during 2014.  Assistance will also be provided by Brendan Nelson from MWH to provide quality review and assist in project implementation activities.

This engagement demonstrates the important experience of the PlanDev Business Solutions team members in developing the National ePlanning Strategy and more importantly, the ability to assist Local and State Governments localise and implement the required services.

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