RiskSmart & FastTrack Implementation Services

What is RiskSmart?

RiskSmart is a method of streamlining the delivery of development outcomes using risk management.

RiskSmart or FastTrack approaches is the general term given to the assessment of low risk development application types that could be assessed in as little as five (5) business days.

Results to date have seen development assessment timeframes reduced by up to 95% from months down to days.

PlanDev’s Experience

Members of the PlanDev team developed originally developed the RiskSmart process in Brisbane City Council to streamline the processing of low-risk applications.  This process was created in response to specific development assessment staff and customer service drivers.

Since that time, the PlanDev team have driven the implementation of RiskSmart in South East Queensland councils and have been involved in the implementation of RiskSmart in selected high growth councils across Queensland.  The RiskSmart business process uses a risk framework that identifies low risk application types.  In some cases, selected external consultants, who declare that they comply with all relevant development criteria, prepare development applications.

Example Implementations

The RiskSmart implementation is supported by:


  • A risk framework which express the policy intent of the planning scheme;
  • A pilot accreditation process to select experienced external consultants; and
  • An online RiskSmart tool which supports lodgement of compliant applications.


The benefits of the RiskSmart process are:


  • Streamlined decision-making process using a ‘Target 5 Days’ approach;
  • Reduced DA processing time by up to 95%;
  • Certainty of decisions when applications are compliant with the criteria described in the risk framework;
  • Improved relationships between Council and Industry;
  • Cultural change in DA.


There have been a number of development uses that RiskSmart has been applied to including:


  • Houses in character areas and on steep slopes
  • Dual occupancy
  • Multi-unit developments
  • Industrial developments
  • Commercial developments
  • Small subdivisions
  • Home-based businesses

How can PlanDev help?

PlanDev Business Solutions team members created the original RiskSmart approach in Brisbane, and can now help your organisation implement similar solutions or take your approach further.

The types of services we can offer includes:

A review of current development assessment performance through detailed file surveys

  • Identification of potential development application types using a risk management framework
  • A RiskSmart model tailored to meet the needs of your organisation
  • Targeted checklists containing relevant questions with appropriate information requirements
  • Linkages to standard conditions packages and consistency with DA Information Packs
  • Identifying online capability (for automation) and integration with existing online tools
  • A fast-tracked approvals process for lower risk complying development applications


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